How to find your way ...

... through the city of Bayreuth.

The enclosed modified city map shows the center of the city of Bayreuth (140 kB) including pointers to the the railway station  and the most relevant bus stops  . The second map shows the campus of the University Bayreuth (80 kB).
You may also view or download a complete map of Bayreuth as a PDF file (1.7 MB), including the location of the university.

Stadtplan Bayreuth .City Map of Bayreuth .Universitaet Bayreuth Campus

(1) The railway station of Bayreuth [Bayreuth Hauptbahnhof]

Since it is the only station, you can't miss it. You may check out your train connections with the Railway-Serverof the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB).

In front of the station, you will find a bus stop [Bushaltestelle (H) ], Taxi [Taxi] stand and public telephone [Telefonzelle].

Central bus stop, Center of the city ("market place")

In the center of the city all bus lines come together. Bus lines that end at the Markt are sometimes labeled "ZOH".

Getting around using public transportation ... or walking

Warning: The bus schedule and the labeling of the bus lines is different in the evening and on the weekend.



You may buy your ticket from the bus driver. Alternatively, cheaper multiple tickets are available from the ticket automat at the central bus station [Markt(Markt) ]. You may ask for help at the bus information there. For your personal use, we provide a bus route map (120 kB). Warning: The bus schedule, the labeling of the bus lines and the route followed may be different in the evening and on the weekend.

From Railway Station to University
Buses No.3, No.8, No.9 and No.12 are leaving in front of the Railway Station for the central bus station [Markt(Markt) ], where you have to change. From the central bus station, the buses No.4 or No.18 are heading for the university. Across the street from the railway station, in front of the "Löwen-Apotheke" is another bus stop. Bus line No.6 is heading towards the Markt. At the same bus stop, lines No.1 and No.7 arrive from the Markt and continue towards the outskirts of Bayreuth. Do not enter!
Walking from the Railway Station to the University will take about 30 min.
From Markt to University
Take bus line No.4 or No.18 (evening/weekend: C).
Walking will take about 20 min.
From University to Markt
Take bus No.5 or No.18 on campus.
Walking will take about 20 min.
From Markt to Railway Station
Buses No.1, No. 7, No. 8 or No.9 are serving this connection.
Walking will take about 10 min.
Check out the time table for a selection of bus lines.

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